Disney Golf and Other Attractions


The attractions of a golf course are such that holds the attention of many people any day, and this extends beyond the game to the ambience. The greenery, quietness and facilities cannot be ignored in looking at the pull effect of the golf course.

A number of events take place at the Disney golf club, and they are identified as follows:



Weddings are scheduled events that can be held at golf clubs, and Disney Golf offers such opportunities for events like these to be held within its confines. The beautiful contrast of the greens and wedding highlights make the prospect of ceremonies on fairways such a remarkable one. The gentle breeze of autumn, the warmth of summer or the chilliness of winter provides a unique insight on what to expect on a golf course.

The possibilities for hosting a wedding is not limited to the outdoors  of Disney golf as other areas within the complex like the indoor halls can be put to use as well.  It is understandable that the fairway is the strongest attraction when it comes to wedding events.


Tee Time

For the avid golf lover, no mention must be made of Disney golf if there is no tee time in the offing. The lure of the game is what takes many people to the golf club and with the facilities in good shape; golf lovers play the game to their relish.

The chance to advance in your game exists irrespective of your level of proficiency at the game. Newbies have a chance to join up in classes for beginners, and the adept can go on with training sessions if no competitions are holding. There is also a chance to watch others play the game if that is all you enjoy and this can be fun as well.


Clubhouse Restaurant

The facilities for dining have become a veritable part of golf club facilities and with this; a chance to wine and dine is available. The serene environment is one that offers a chance for peace of mind and relaxation with a loved one or friends. The classy taste at Disney golf facilities are enchanting enough to deserve a look in at any time you desire.


Social Events

The Disney golf club provides an opportunity to relax and unwind after a long week or a hard day’s job. To sit back and enjoy a few drinks watch the television entertainment or banter with others is a delight any day at this golf venue.

Disney golf events and schedules are exciting attractions that can give you a chance to relax and enjoy your favorite game.

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