A Beginner’s Guide to Golfing Etiquette

The sport of golf is one of only a handful which does not involve a referee, supervisor, or overseer of some kind. If you head out onto a practice course, you are heading out alone; unless you are taking lessons in Disney golf courses in Orlando, FL. The typical game of golf can last anywhere between an hour and five hours or more – it generally depends on how big the course is, how many holes you choose to play, and how fast you sink the shots.

This degree of flexibility is what makes golf so enjoyable and relaxing. There is skill involved, of course, but it is not like playing football or tennis – you can slow down, breathe, and really feel your body working. If you are new to the sport and planning to head out to the Disney golf course in Orlando FL, there are a few etiquette pointers which you will need to get to grips with first. This sport may be unsupervised, but good manners are extremely important.

This beginner’s guide to golfing etiquette will help you learn how to be a good sport whilst putting in a great performance on the green.

Remember Where You Are

Just because John McEnroe got away with throwing his equipment around, it does not mean that you get the same privilege. The stereotype of the angry sportsman, yelling and pounding the green after a flunked shot has become a cliché now, but the reality is that it rarely happens during public golf in Orlando. If it does, the sulking golfer is considered to be very impolite. You should not yell, curse loudly, or throw your club if the game does not go your way.

Take Care of the Course

There are some truly great places to play public golf in Orlando, but they are only so great because the players take care of them. If you plan to head out to the Disney golf courses in Orlando FL, be aware that you have certain small responsibilities. If you make divots in the grass whilst swinging, use a tee to replace and tamp the ground back down. If you have to make shot from the bunker, rake the sand properly – remember that somebody else will have to play the area after you.

Respect the Fairway

One of the quickest ways to put a player off their game is to move around too much within their line of sight – this is triply true for making practice shots or swings. Whilst it can be tempting, particularly when playing at the Disney golf course in Orlando with good friends, to act the fool and deliberately cause flunked shots, this is fairly bad golfing etiquette. You would not like it during your shot, so if you must move around, stay out of the line of sight.

Learn the Little Details

It is impossible to list all of the ways in which a player can show their good manners whilst out on one of the public golf courses in Orlando FL. If you follow your instincts, however, you should do fine – most of the rules are self-explanatory. For example, positioning the flag stick carefully, tamping down spike marks as you leave, allowing speedier players to advance, and more. If you are a regular when it comes to public golf in Orlando, you should find that a bit of golf ‘karma’ does eventually come back around.

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