4 Ways to Add Length to Your Drive

4 Ways to Add Length to Your Drive

If you are either a total beginner or a Phil Mickelson out on the green, one of the most important aims in golf is getting as much distance as possible out of your drive clubs off the tee. With that extra distance, you will have a better chance arriving at the par with a wedge drive or reaching the greens of par five holes in less than two shots.

The great news is that there are different ways to achieve that extra length to your drive. By setting up everything correctly, you can reach for an extended swing and achieve the best opportunity to get closer to green on lesser par on the Orlando green course.

On the upcoming time you are golfing at a Disney golf course in Orlando, FL, keep in mind the following four tips to add length to your drive.

Setting Up Your Swing

What is the best way to set up for a big swing? Make sure your set up is accurate.  For best positioning, set up the ball perfectly even with your front shoulder, so you can move slightly beyond the bottom of your swing itself. The ideal way will guarantee that your driver will hit the ball when the club starts swinging upwards. Professionals catch their tee shots on their upswing and launch their drivers straight upwards, so remember this tip next you are playing a round at the Disney golf course in Orlando, FL.

Widen Your Shoulder Turn

If you want a longer drive, you need to learn how to attain bigger shoulder rotations.  If you want to hit the ball more quickly, then you will need to rotate your shoulders more often.  It may be an uneasy maneuver (particularly if you are not known for your flexibility). To achieve this, close your stance – this will improve your posture. This tip is recommended by Disney golf professionals, so give it a try on your next visit on the green at Orlando, FL golf course.

 Power Control of your Swing

Amateur golfers can make the common mistake to put all of their speed into the first half of their swing, followed by forcing power during the takeaway. For your next time you are playing on the Disney golf course, try a different method. Instead of a ‘Billy Madison’ fast takeaway, bring your speed down a few notches. To preserve the ideal level of force and power, begin your backswing at a slower pace. When you reach the highest point of the swing, the club should reach its fastest point. Next time you’re at a Disney golf course at Orlando Golf Course, limit the power and force and have an efficient swing.

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